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What happens when you wear latex?

Fetishism was originally a term from the science of anthropology. The word struck certain cultures where objects were given a natural strength. So it was in the first instance a term that struck on religion. Nowadays, since the beginning of the last century, there is also something like sexual fetishism.

It probably already existed much longer, but the term has only been used in a sexual context since that time. Fetishism is seen as a game, related to sadomasochism. This arose from psychology at that time, where fetishism was part of the various neurotic perversions. It was therefore seen as a disease. Only ten years ago, when the latest DSM, the manual for psychiatrists, came out, fetishism is no longer a disease and has been deleted as a psychiatric disorder. For Wearing latex during BDSM you need to know the following. Vogue, a fashion enthusiast site speaks about wearing latex.

What is sexual fetishism?

Sexual fetishism refers to the sexual pleasure of objects, body parts or clothing. It is also sometimes referred to as “kinky.” Often it is part of a BDSM contact, which is also tied and tormented.

But there are also “pure” fetishists, who for example kick on feet or learn and latex clothing, without a BDSM game.

There are other role plays that play fetishists, such as nurse, mother-baby (with diapers), and authoritarian (uniforms). Kinky clothing has also penetrated the fashion world and the streets, and several designers have used PVC and latex to make clothes out of it. Some nightclubs also organize kinky evenings, where this type of clothing is worn. This is all in the neat; a fetishist will go much further and show much more naked skin or even genitals.

Kinky kludging

Kinky clothing is very popular nowadays. You cannot think of it so crazy and it exists. From uniforms, to latex to rabbit packs. You can wear it with a role play or with a theme party in a couples club.

How and what kind of objects do fetishists use?

There is a wide variety of confused fetishists to play with. One is simply not the other. Usually they have one head fetish, a specific object or game. A well-known fetish is the feet fetish, but people can also kick on shoes, latex, rubber, leather, toys, cat suits, pleather (PVC clothing), diapers and bottles, tights, you cannot think of it so crazy. “Ordinary” people can also eroticize a body part or garment, such as the “titmen” and the “buttocks”.

The fetishist gets excited about smelling, feeling, caressing, cuddling, and licking the body part or object. Whether or not he / she gets a kick of wearing certain clothes or a partner wearing specific clothes.

A whip can also belong to a fetish, even if it goes more towards SM.

What does a rubber fetishist experience? Shelly (program Galileo) is curious and goes along in the world of Kim and John. View the video above.

What are role plays?

Everyone has heard of SM, the sexual role play of Master and slave. But fetishists also have certain exciting plays.

There are many men with a diaper fetish. The partner treats him like a mother, who disguises him, gives bottles and bathes. Another form is the “doctor playing” where often the woman has the role of nurse and is dressed in this way.

School uniforms are also popular, especially when the game is accompanied by spanking. Many of these men are extremely successful and have high positions where they play a leading role. The role play is then a kind of sexual counterbalance and a way to completely relax in a passive role while you carry a lot of responsibility in daily life.

A fetish can also be to play role plays. They may already know them from porn. The naughty student comes to visit the teacher or the policewoman who teaches the crook a lesson. There are of course many of these kinds of role games.

How and where can you experience your fetish?

First of course with your partner, but that is not that simple yet. Many fetishists are ashamed and do not dare to express their preference, even in their relationship.

But it is nothing to be ashamed of; you are certainly not the only one.

Maybe your partner wants to participate, for example if you want to lick her feet that are a whole erotic experience. In kink clubs, kinky parties are organized, where everyone is dressed in the right clothes and where you can meet like-minded people. You can also look on the internet and there are also (amateur) prostitutes who make their specialism.

Fetishists are far more people than you think. If you think that a fetish is when someone is bound in chains and kept in the basement, this is not so. “You think of the extreme, the most extreme part, which is really rare,” said sex therapist Scott Jacoby, an expert on alternative sexual behavior. “The simple and widespread desire to be tied to a bed is also a fetish.”

The preferences of rats shed light on the nature of fetishism.

The preferences of rats shed light on the nature of fetishism.

Fetish does not necessarily mean a passion for wearing adult diapers or feather suits. In fact, it is when something excites you that are not a sexual object. According to Samantha Lee Allen, who studies sexual fetishism at Emory University, such associations are usually laid in childhood. So which sexual inclinations are most common and how do you convince your girlfriend to accept yours?


The results of a survey conducted by the shoe site showed that every fifth woman is more pleased with a new pair of shoes than her lovers. But studs, as an object of sexual arousal, are mostly men’s preferences. “There are so many erotic images with high heels in the culture,” says Allen, “that they became a symbol of female power for men who like female domination.” But in some cases, shoe fetish may indicate a desire to avoid real sexual interaction. “This is a way of indirect fantasy,” says Jacoby.

How to achieve: if a woman turns out to be at the mercy of a woman, ask your friend if you can choose the shoes she will wear on a date and choose the pair that excites you most. Well, when it comes to bed, ask her not to take off her shoes. If your shoes excite you and if your girlfriend is open enough to the new, give her a “presentation” of the benefits of your beloved couple. “It can be safer and easier than, for example, masturbating shoes,” says Justin Styron, a professor of human-sexuality, Justin Styron, with humor. Go Here for collections of different kinds of latex costumes.

How To Choose The Best Sex Toy For Bigger Women

The site “The One” starts a new special topic about sex, where we will touch on the most intimate topics that you have long wanted to know more about, but were embarrassed to ask. The first topic is about sex toys. Let’s find out together which of them really give a woman pleasure and what are best sex toys for plus sized women.

5 facts about the female orgasm that will surprise you

Interesting: sex toys can be divided into 2 types – those that you can use at the same time with a partner and those that men and women can use separately.

Opinion sexologist

The sex toy industry has reached a new level. Over the past few years, everything has changed – from materials, textures, textures that mimic sensations as close as possible to reality, to interactive toys that can be controlled from your smartphone, or from a partner’s smartphone. As we know, already developed sex dolls with artificial intelligence, with which it will be much easier to find a common language than with a living person.

But the overuse of sex toys is an alarming sign. In this case, the need for sensuality from intimacy, the exchange of positive emotions goes to the 10th plane. And this leads to emotional non-maturity, the consequence of this will be the difficulty to start and develop relationships. At the forefront is the simple satisfaction of their base needs, without the cost of extra effort to establish human contact. Pluses in sex toys are a variety of feelings that can decorate sex life, regardless of whether you have a partner or not. Even the process of choosing a new toy can be much more exciting than the purchase itself. Because you will know your loved one even closer, you will know his innermost desires and fantasies. According to Huffpost, there are sex toys that will change your life.

Vaginal balls with vibration

This is a new look at vumbilding – the balls allow you not only to strengthen the vaginal muscles, but at the same time also receive pleasant sensations.

Vaginal balls

The toy consists of two or three vibrating balls interconnected. They are attached to the control panel, which is controlled by the power of vibration. So, the first stages are designed for training, but fast speeds will already help to get an orgasm.

To practice with the balls, you need to be very good in muscles, and understand what to do with them. This will help instruct specialist.

The fastest vibrator

He is considered the champion of female sex toys, which many girls call the “magic wand.” The fact is that he has great power – the speed of vibration reaches 9000 rpm, thanks to which an orgasm can be obtained already in the first seconds of using this unit.

Vibrator suspension

This cute little thing conquers with its concept. This mini-vibrator for clitoris stimulation is very compact and can be worn around the neck as a decoration. It looks like a suspension – metallic, smooth, looks like a pen or a carnation. Very handy thing, since you can use it almost anywhere.

Vibrator “Rabbit”

This type of vibrator gained fame thanks to Charlotte from the TV series “Sex and the City”. The design is designed in such a way that a large trunk fills the vagina while simultaneously massaging it, and a nozzle resembling rabbit ears works with the clitoris.Basically, the nose of my “bunny” is used.

Clitoral vacuum stimulator

This tool is aimed at stimulating the clitoris – the most sensitive point of the female body – the clitoris. The recess on the head must be applied to the clitoris, so that the vacuum provides a pleasant suction.

Want to diversify your sex life, but all poses and unusual places tried? It is possible that you should look into the sex shop and buy a toy for love games. Which one? will help you make your choice by presenting an overview of interesting and popular sex toys.

Want to diversify your sex life, but all poses and unusual places tried? It is possible that you should look into the sex shop and buy a toy for love games. Which one? will help you make the right choice by presenting an overview of interesting and popular sex toys.

Sex toys: what to choose?

Perhaps this is the first thing worth paying attention to those who want to diversify their sex life. And if the erotic costume jewelry will be appropriate in almost any case, then you can’t do without a special suit unless you play role-playing games.

Jewelry for nipples

Mounted directly on the nipples of the woman, either hiding the nipple itself, or emphasizing it. Can be made from anything – leather, latex, satin fabric, transparent chiffon, etc.

Some decorations are attached with a small elastic band, others – with the help of ties. Which option to choose, you decide. Think about what will bring greater pleasure to your man: a quick rid of nipple jewelry or a slow unleashing of teeth;

Necklace and decoration on the waist

It is a necklace-chain and a thin belt-chain around the waist, connected to each other. Such a decoration your man will not be able to recognize you before you undress, and it can excite very much.Especially if your man likes everything connected with the East – for some reason, many people associate such decorations with him.

Intimate wig

Basically, these wigs are made to order, although they can be found in large sex shops. They are mounted on the pubis with the help of special glue, which is not afraid of even the hottest caress.A wig can be in the form of a bunny, a heart, stars, etc. It is impossible to say for sure whether your man will like it, but why not experiment?

Anal Jewelry

Appeared recently. The end of this decoration is inserted directly into the anus, and “on the surface” remains either a cute tail or a sparkling pebble-stone.Undoubtedly, this decoration will not please everyone. However, lovers of role-playing and anal sex should take a closer look at this sextoy.

Erotic costumes

It makes no sense to describe them for a long time. If you like role-playing games, then you just cannot do without an erotic costume. Who do you want to be this night: a nurse, an angel, a strict lady-boss? Choose you!

Condoms, tips and rings on the penis

It should only be noted that in the modern world the condom has ceased to be only a means for protection against sexually transmitted diseases and protection from unwanted pregnancy.Glowing condoms, condoms with ribs and pimples, with mustaches, with G point stimulants can become a real sex toy and make a touch of novelty in familiar sex.Nozzles and penis rings are a real salvation for men who do not have a thick or long penis.

However, these sex toys do not only add length or thickness to the partner. The ribbed surface helps the partner to experience a wider range of sensations and a brighter orgasm. There are also tips on the member to stimulate the clitoris!

The indisputable plus of the rings and penis tips is also that they make a member of the partner less sensitive, and therefore with such sex toys it will be easier for him to bring you to orgasm.

Sex shops offer their customers and means of additional stimulation of the most sensitive female areas. G point stimulators are unusual in shape and equipped with a vibrator. Stimulators for the clitoris are also equipped with a vibrator and are mounted on the clitoris using special straps or suction cups. Go Here for more sex toys.

Do Yoni Eggs Help with Pregnancy?

Besides their harmonious, rounded shapes, they were feminine. Not that femininity brought by bracelets and earrings or the length of hair, but something that sprang from within.

Healthy, non-exciting, aggressive and provocative sensuality, something mysterious and playful, power and inner balance, a body intelligence that manifests freely and stately, confident in itself. A body fully absorbed by that energetic feminine energy. No trace of a child, teen or male in it.

In me there are traces of the baby I was. Worse than that, she even appears on the surface in some relationships. There are also traces of masculinity, which I seek to fade and erase. I know women who masked almost completely both physically and behaviorally – I do not want that for myself.

There are many benefits of jade yoni eggs practices of femininity that bring to the surface the feminine essence. To make love in love and mutual appreciation, to show every day feminine qualities such as acceptance, gentleness, care, cultivation of beauty and good, dancing, spending time in your own tribe (circle) of women, exercises like this or exercises with the egg jade. Reuters even provides efficiency of kegel exercise in pregnancy.

In the interview we gave the Georgian last day, I told about the perception of my own body. I said it was shredded, not exaggerated. Well, I found out that many women cannot just feel the jade egg, but with time, practicing, the perception is refined and the answers come. We become more conscious of our body, of what communicates to us. Go Here to purchase your own yoni eggs.

As a parenthesis today I was at an event where I met famous faces. Before I go hand in hand with a woman from there, my body responded with small “bleeds”, unpleasant contractions. I did not have any conflict with her, I like her, but that does not go away – she does not like me, even if she gives me a hand and smiles at greetings. I would not have known that if I did not get this information from my body a few seconds before contact with my hands. I wanted to check it then, trying to talk with her and immediately there appeared even more obvious signs – small grimaces, facial microexpression, cold in attitude, etc. Body language is learned over time, through exercise, but communication with the body is totally different: it requires presence and a refined perception.

Are you wondering how to do it, if it works and what’s good? Haisa we talk about girls about Kegel exercises.

Show me how you make that trick, the one that makes mescream , they sing The Cure in their brilliant hit “Just LikeHeaven”, guiding us with the thought of a secret recipe that can bother any man. Well, it really exists and it is as easy as it can be explained and applicable.

Gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1894-1981) began studying the pelvic floor mushrooms and ways to tone them long before the sexual form of women was at least indisposed. Kegel has designed a set of simple exercises to reassemble muscles for medical reasons:

  • Natural births lighter
  • Fast post-natal recovery
  • Prevention of genital prolapsed
  • Treating urinary incontinence

In addition, Kegel exercises have proven to be not only health-friendly but also beneficial to sex life in the most “delicious” ways you can imagine!

How does it work?

Kegel exercises focus on pubiccussian muscles (PCs), those who control the flow of urine and contract during orgasm. The PC muscles compose the pelvic floor, which supports the organs just like a hammock. The “training” of these muscles is recommended during pregnancy, but it can be started at any time and benefits you all.

If the muscles in the pelvic area are toned, the contractions during the orgasm will be stronger and the sensations more intense. At the same time, you will be able to offer unmet pleasures to your partner. During penetration, embed your vagina and keep your loved taupen “captive” for a few seconds, then release it. This quirk of the senses and the heat that “wraps” around him will lead to.

How Do Kegel Exercises Work?

Discover your pelvic muscles: The next time you go to the toilet, stop the urine flow for a few seconds, then “gently” tighten it a few times. Try not to breathe: let the air move freely and concentrate on the contractions of the vagina and the rectum.

Caution: contraction of the pelvic muscles during urination or when you have a full bladder leads in time to their weakening. This practice is OK only until you get used to your muscles. Then it is recommended that you do the exercises with the empty blister.

Another way to start “training” Kegel is to insert a finger into the vagina and shrink your muscles in the approach. You should feel the vagina tighten around your toe and the pelvic floor rises easily.

Then relax your muscles and you will feel the floor lowering the initial position. As you become accustomed to simplicity, you become more and more aware of this.

How do you know that you do it correctly?

 If you feel like your PC muscles are plugged in by strangling your urethra, you are on the right track. If the stomach, thighs or muscles are tense, you have to practice. Do not ask for gynecologist guidance. By medical means, the correctness of Kegel exercises can be verified using a biofeedback device.

Where, how and how often?

Anytime and anywhere! At home, in the car, when you watch TV or even in the office no one can figure out.

  • A series of Kegel exercises lasts about a minute
  • You can lie stretched, sitting, standing or kneeling
  • It’s ideal to make two to three series a day, combining more muscle training

Types of Kegel exercises

The basic movement: hold your pelvic muscles for three seconds, and then let them relax for three hours. Repeat the movement 10-15 times

Contractions: Thoroughly tighten your pelvic muscles ten times

Fast pulse: pulls and relaxes your PC muscles in a pulsating motion. At first, focus on the precision of the pulses only the pelvic muscles are trained), and you will gain speed over time. It starts with 25-30 depressions

Impression: Imagine you’re forcing your saurines and pushing the vaginal air outward with the help of your PC hips. Combine five impulses with ten and ten short contractions, in which order you prefer.

 Lift: Imagine that your vagina is the elevator, and the elevator is right at its opening. Strange light while you are aware of the slow climb of the elevator, a small drop when it comes to the end and then lowering to the initial position. Repeat the motion ten times.

As you get the experience, your moves will make you feel lighter and you can make 40-50 repetitions of any kind of exercise. You should feel the first results after 8-12 weeks and your boyfriend will feel them after the first unexpected “crunching” in a moment of passion!

13 Best Destinations For Sexual Tourism

First of all, I should probably fill you in on what sexual tourism is, are you traveling to watch sex? Do you travel for sex? Is this prostitution? What is even happening? The World Tourism Organization defines “Sexual Tourism,” as:

“trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination.”

The long and short of it is when people travel to engage in sexual activity, whatever that may mean to you, the traveler. Did you know that sexual tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and surprisingly, there are benefits other than orgasm. Getting off abroad boosts the economy? Sexual tourism is not just money for sex. Sexual tourism benefits the airlines, taxis, restaurant, and hotels because you need all of these other tourist spots when you travel for sex just like you would if you travel for any other reason.

Now that we have established that the main reason for sexual tourism is to seek prostitution and for the person [prostitute] performing the sex to make a living. Most of the women that are prostitutes do so because they live in severe poverty and this is the only way to make a decent living. Who is to say that prostitution truly is the only option for these women but for the most part it is because it is high paying and they can support their families by blowing horny businessmen. Ok, ok, that harsh but they are doing what they need to put food on the table and that is commendable. Mostly, sexual tourism is legal aboard, it is domestically that it is not in the United States with the exception to Nevada.

“I don’t understand why prostitution is illegal. Selling is legal. F***ing is legal. Why isn’t selling f***ing legal? You know, why should it be illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away?”

(c) George Carlin

In 2003, New Zealand added legal and regulated prostitution these other countries have legal and regulated prostitution as well:

Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, the Netherlands and as far as India goes it is illegal but there are brothels present.

Of all the places that elicit sexual tourism these are the TOP 13 places that are most popular:

  1. Dominican Republic has made a major name for itself in sexual tourism. It is a “must-do” if you made a list of places to get prostitutes. Although prostitution is legal, no brothels or third parties can make money off of said prostitutes, they are only able to earn it for themselves…freelance if you will. “At sex tourism sites the lighter Dominicans are favored over darker Haitians, who are forced to work in the streets or local bars rather than the more lucrative up-scale areas.”
  2. Thailand has a city called Pattaya and that is the sex capital of the world. It is essentially a sex worker’s paradise. There is someone that will sell you sex on every square foot of this city.
  3. Costa Rica is rising to the top as far as destinations for sex. 10% of all tourists that go to Costa Rica are there for the sex. But what makes Costa Rica so special? Is it the prices? The talent? Well, it is thanks to the United States actually, because prostitution is illegal in the U.S. 80% of the sex workers in Costa Rica are immigrants from the U.S.
  4. Kenya has legal prostitution but the difference is that women are coming to Kenya to get it from the locals versus men coming to a destination for women. What an interesting turn? There is even a name for it, Mzungu, is what women who come to have sex with locals is called in Kenya.
  5. Japan is one of the top REGULAR tourist stops for people around the world. So you can only imagine what the sex tourism is like. However, in Japan foreign men are not welcome most of the time because of a few factors that lead the women to find them undesirable to work with. Foreign men tend to be more rough, have a different odor, and there is also a language barrier that frightens the women.
  6. Amsterdam has the notorious “Red Light District.” Amsterdam is probably the most common place that people have in mind when they think of legal prostitution. There are not only many legal and safe choices but there is also a sexmuseum to check out after the party’s over. So maybe you will even learn something after all!
  7. Cambodia, Phnom Penh is where all the action is here. Many of the reasons that the women are sex workers here are due to poverty. Many refugees end up in the red light district. They leave their country to have a better life but in the end the have escaped to a new version of what they had before.
  8. The Philippines. Here it is ILLEGAL, however it still happens behind the scenes, in massage parlors, brothels, and so forth. Where there is a demand there will be a supply. People will find a way to sell sex no matter the cost because they know that it sells. This is the unfortunate fate of sex tourism. The main pull to get people to come to The Philippines is the propaganda of sex tourism and how there is such a world of sex workers and pleasure. Yes, this may draw the people in but sometimes things may not go as planned.
  9. Indonesia Although prostitution is illegal in Indonesia there is always a way around the system. Sadly, due to the uptick in demand for sex child sex trafficking is rampant. You need to be careful where you decide to tour because you could end up in a not so great situation. “Indonesia is also known for its online sex forums and prostitution rings that exist only through social media.” You can do everything on the internet, even schedule sex.
  10. Spain not only has fine wine and bull fighting it has legal prostitution. The red light district in Spain is a very loud and festive part of town where you can find many men and women to do sexy things for a price of course. If you are planning a self indulgent vacation, this maybe the spot for you.
  11. Brazil you go for the soccer but stay for the sex. In Brazil it is legal to sell sex aka prostitution. Brazil is already known for loud parties and beautiful women so it makes sense that the voluptuous women of Brazil would have a nice red light district. “numerous travelers head to the red-light districts in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza”
  12. Jamaica, similar to Kenya women seem to be flocking to Jamaica for the well-endowed men. Rumors are not always true but when it comes to male prostitutes the rumor is true. There is a reason why women go to get laid in Kenya and Jamaica and it isn’t for the scenery…
  13. Haiti has many brothels. Although a very poor country overall, the sex workers have a decent wage because of the demand in sex work. Poverty draws the women to prostitution because they can make a nice livable wage by doing something they already would be doing just with more men.

All of these countries have their own unique spin on the topic but most importantly they all have sex for sale.

Pattaya Sex Tourist

Pattaya is the sex tourism capital of the world, more so called “sex tourists” visit Pattaya than any other notorious sex destination. Does that make Pattaya such a bad place, does it make “sex tourists” seedy or undesirable ?.

I was reading a somewhat long-winded article discussing the reasons why people are compelled to travel for sex, and in particular, why they travel to Thailand, especially Pattaya for sex. This wasn’t a critical article, it was more of an in-depth social study intent on finding the factors which contribute to a persons desire, or need to travel to foreign destinations for sex or company.

Pattaya’s infamous reputation goes before it, I’m sure you have all read reports in foreign tabloid newspapers proclaiming that Pattaya is a playground for perverts and dirty old men, that child prostitution is rife, and human trafficking is an everyday occurrence. I’ve read countless blogs which have labeled every older man who has a young Thai woman on his arm as a “dirty old man”, every young single man is a sex tourist, and as such he must have some serious shortcomings or even psychological problem.

What is a Sex Tourist ?.

Anyone who travels abroad for a short period, with the intention of having sexual relationships/encounters with locals is termed as A “sex tourist”.

Who are the sex tourists ?.

You might be surprised to know that sex tourists are not all seedy little perverts who are lacking in morals or are just unable to attract a partner in their home country. Sex tourists can be male or female, young or old, rich or poor, introverted or extroverted. They are usually from developed countries, especially western countries. For obvious reasons, most sex tourists who visit Pattaya are male, hence we will concentrate on male sex tourists.

Why do People Travel For Sex

There is not a common denominator or a specific reason why people choose to travel abroad for sex, as I said earlier, there is no stereotypical sex tourist, everybody has their own reason and their own goals. See the examples below.

  • A divorced or widowed elderly man still has sexual urges, he has an eye for beautiful young women, unfortunately for him the younger women in his native country are much less inclined to be attracted to him because of social and cultural stigma.
  • Unmet sexual desires or practices: many people have sexual desires which might be too embarrassing to request from a partner or casual lover in one’s home country.
  • Physical or psychological problems: we’re not all born perfect, and it’s tough for people with physical defects or psychological problems to attract a mate.
  • Hedonistic: pure pleasure is the name of the game, sexual fantasy and fulfillment is foremost for the hedonist.
  • Sex without attachment or strings: just sex, no exchanging of telephone numbers, no need for false promises and no broken hearts, that’s all some people want.
  • Search for a wife or partner.
  • Preference for Asian women.

Why don’t they use prostitutes in their home country ?.

Prostitution is legal in many countries, Holland being the most famous example, and legal or not, prostitutes (sex workers) can be found in most western countries. Common reasons for sex tourists not using the services of a prostitute in their own country include embarrassment, local prostitutes too business like and too expensive.

It’s More Than Just Sex.

One thing which the study established is, most sex tourists don’t travel purely for sex. They want more than cold “business like sex”, they want to escape from the mundane routine of their everyday existence, to go about their business openly without fear of embarrassment or shame, they want companionship and freedom. All of these feelings and needs are familiar to all of us, but most people will seek their goals as a family or as a couple, it’s simply a matter of circumstance and choice.

Why do Sex Tourists Visit Pattaya.

The simple answer is “everything mentioned above”, Pattaya is commonly referred to as the “4 S’s”, meaning “sun, sea, sand and sex”. Pattaya has thousands of available girls, a completely different culture, pleasant weather, it is certainly a world apart from the mundane existence experienced in the west. The girls are fun, sexual transactions are less business like, everything is done in the open and there is no cause for embarrassment or shame.

As mentioned above “it’s more than sex” and if you ask yourself the question “why do people travel for sex”, the answers can be found in Pattaya. According to the sex tourists interviewed for the sake of the study, Thai Bar Girls, or any woman working in Thailand’s prostitution business offered much more than just “business like sex”, they offered companionship and warmth, they generally treated their customers very well, some would even say “they treat you like a king”.

Morals of The Sex Tourist.

The judgmental onlookers are quick to cry “exploitation”, but how can sex between 2 consenting adults considered to be exploitation. The feminists will claim it is degrading to women, I suspect your average Thai bar girl finds working in a rice field for 100 baht a day more degrading. The righteous will tell you that prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it might be illegal but it is still permitted.

Sex Tourism Facts.

  • Sex tourism is one of the fastest growing branches of tourism in many third world and developing countries.
  • Sex tourism has been blamed for the spread of sexual diseases.
  • Due to regulations and local laws, sex tourism is largely considered to be illegal.
  • Most people believe it is immoral.
  • Human trafficking and child prostitution are, rightly or wrongly thought to be spinoffs of the sex tourism industry.
  • There are now are a number of companies specializing in “sex holidays”.
  • Sex tourists can be anyone.
  • Sexual relations between foreigners and Thai women usually result from meetings in a bar.
  • For most visitors to Thailand, sex is only a sideline.

Sex Tourist Summary.

I think ‘Sex Tourist’ is a rather sweeping title, and a somewhat cynical one, sex and sexual conquests are the goal of the minority. The majority of sex tourists could probably be termed as “romance tourists” or “friendship tourists”. The ultimate goal for most is actually to find a partner, just about everybody I know who has married or settled down in Pattaya might have been viewed as a sex tourist before they met their wife or long term partner. To the bigoted visitors they still be looked upon as sex tourists simply because they are in Pattaya with a Thai woman.

Do you remember that old fellow you saw with the young Thai woman, did he look happy ?, did you label him as a “dirty old man” because in your opinion he is not a stereotypical old man, he is not sat lonely and miserable after being widowed five years previous.

An ultimate guide to sex tourism

There are plenty of places available where you can do sex in the parties. Here we are talking about sex tourism is getting the hype nowadays. You will able to find the partner for the sex. You will find thousands mature or amateur girls at the party. Therefore, it is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy party and sex as well. According to professionals, millions of people are enjoying the sex tourism guide. However, Make sure that you are joining the right Sex tourism site – NSFW. You should join the legal and ethical parties where one can enjoy the sex.

sex tourism

Most of the time, you don’t have to pay for the sex because of thousands of mature woman’s available at the sex tourism. Whether you are choosing escort services or sex tourism guide, you should check their professional license.

If you are going to the sex tourism, then you must buy condoms and other essential things for it. According to professionals, 95% of the people are using condoms at sex tourism. Following are the vital information about sex tourism guide.

  • Sex Tourism industry

Nothing is better than sex tourism guide where you can find illegal and criminal activities as well. As per researchers, sex Tourism has become a Fifth most popular industry in the world. More than 2 million people are following the sex Tourism guide. They are earning almost $30 billion dollars on an annual basis.

  • Victims of the sex Tourism

It is a dangerous industry where millions of individuals are losing their virginities. More than 2 million children’s are victimized every year that is quite higher. Thousands of Females are compromised with the sex tourism. If you are joining the sex tourism industry, then you should think twice because it can be dangerous for you.

  • Illegal and unethical

Make sure that you are choosing the right place for the sex. Sex tourism is a high-end industry that is engaging both international and national people. It is a fact that, any people can join the sex tourism guide. You can do the sex with any type of girl. Most of the people are finding the sex tourism industry beneficial because it is offering plenty of girls for sex. Make sure that you are choosing the legal sex industry.

  • The result of sex tourism

Sex tourism is against the human rights and Freedoms. According to professionals, it is spreading the disease. Therefore, you must opt for the escort services over the sex tourism because it can be dangerous for you in terms of disease. Most of the illicit sex tourism is taking place. Therefore, if you want to join a sex tourism guide, then you should take the assistance of professionals.

  • Enjoyment

With the help of sex tourism, you will able to satisfy sexual needs. Make sure that you are doing the sex on a regular basis. However, you should choose Sex tourism site – NSFW where you can get enough information about sex tourism.

These above-mentioned are important information about sex tourism.