Patrimonio Turismo Blog Why getting laid in Japan’s sex tourism is easier than you thought

Why getting laid in Japan’s sex tourism is easier than you thought

Aside from its amazing landscapes, architecture, and arts, Japan is home to some of the most beautiful women. They are both smart and good-looking, which is the perfect combination for any person. Of course, Japanese women are not famous for being the most liberal when it comes to foreigners. However, when the chips are down, they turn into open-minded girls, ready to engage in sexual activities with anyone who wins them over.


With them by your side, it won’t be hard to have a fun time. Many Japanese women are into all sorts of kinky stuff and niche role-playing ideas. What’s more, they belong to various subcultures that make them so awesome in many Westerners’ eyes. All this makes Japan one of the most popular sex tourism destinations in the world. So, allow us to bring you even closer to why picking up girls over there is easy as one, two, three.

Women Are Easy to Find in Their Cities

One of the main reasons why we suggest how easy it is to meet girls in Japan is the country’s demographics. Namely, for a country of almost 130 million people, more than half of the population are women. Yep! There are around 65 million Japanese girls, and many of them are free and single, waiting for you to come over to them. Kidding aside, serious sex tourists really do consider these stats before heading out to Japan.

But are these just numbers that serve nothing but false hope? We dare say no. Namely, so many women can mean only one thing — variety. From how they look and what their interests are to what kind of partners they prefer, such a mixed bag of females is perfect for sex tourism. This goes for both urban and rural areas. Therefore, you can meet any girl you can imagine in Japan.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Safe Sex

It’s not uncommon for people to doubt sex tourism due to concerns about the safety of sex. For example, when you head to Thailand — the most popular destination in the sex tourism industry — prostitutes and escorts won’t mind doing it without any protection. As such, many of them carry STIs and spread them around like candy on Halloween. But in Japan, well, that’s not really an issue. Safe sex is almost like a law.


Sexual encounters in Tokyo and other places in Japan are safe, regardless of whether they are with prostitutes or with regular girls. Moreover, having a one-night with a Japanese lady will be a no-go without a condom. But don’t worry if you don’t have one on you. They carry ‘em around in their pocket purses all the time. This is by far the best recommendation you can get when it comes to travel purposes like sex.

Festivals Offer Different Women of Choice

One of the best ways to pick up women in Japan is to visit one of their many festivals. Aside from games, drinks, and food, these events attract thousands of people looking to hook-up. And since we’ve said what Japanese demographics are like, there will always be more females than males attending them. But, allow us to introduce you to two of our favorite public events in Japan and describe why they are perfect for hooking up.


We first need to mention Yuki Matsuri, which is active in January/February and is, obviously, a winter festival. This event is all about snow and ice sculptures, and it attracts around 2 million people from all over the world. The numbers are insane but also perfect for hooking up with at least one girl. Just imagine making a snowman with a kinky Japanese girl in the snow!


Kanamara Matsuri is our second pick for all you pervy sex tourists. This festival goes on in April, meaning perfect weather for tons of people (read: girls) to gather. Also, the reason people gather is to make sure they live a demon-free life. The origin story involves a girl who had a demon inside her V-hole, but we won’t spoil it for you. Do check it out, and you’ll understand what we’re on about.

They Have a Red-Light District Too

Let’s get one thing straight here. Prostitution isn’t legal in Japan. Men and women can’t pay each other to have sex. However, they can enjoy adult entertainment in designated areas of major cities. One such area is the Kabukicho in Tokyo. Some call it the Red-Light District of Japan, and for a good reason. It’s full of love hotels, motels, and bars where you can see all sorts of kinky stuff going on. In other words, it’s practically made for sex tourism.

Many sex workers roam around Kabukicho, so don’t be surprised if you come up to one of them. But how so? Isn’t it illegal to sell sex in Japan? Well, the thing is, Kabukicho is full of shady characters like gang members and pimps who run the show. Of course, if you act perfectly normal, they won’t bother you. In fact, they will make sure you have a great time as they expect you, a wealthy Westerner, to spend lots of green dollars on their girls.

Japanese Women Like to Party at Nightclubs Too

If you’re not sure about hooking up with street hookers and escort ladies in Japan’s Red-Light District, you can always do it as you would back home. Japanese girls love to party, so they love going to nightclubs. And in a major city like Tokyo, it’s easy to imagine how crazy nights at places like these can be. But it’s not just the capital. Any major city in Japan is full of clubs and bars where you can move your hips and hook up with girls.


You can choose from a plethora of different clubs. They range from classic EDM clubs to ones that offer theme nights that often venture into quirky anime stuff. But that’s the catch, isn’t it? Many sex tourists pick Japan due to previously only experiencing it through futuristic, cyber-punk animes and mangas. And lucky them. Parties at some clubs look like borrowed scenes from such animated shows and graphic novels.

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