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Seven Popular Destinations That Have a Seedier Side

It’s no secret that lots of people enjoy sex tourism. They travel across the world not to explore ancient cities and experience the food scene but to plow. As such, many countries are more famous for what they can offer prostitution-wise and will gladly take you in. Buckle up! Our article will list seven of the most popular kinky destinations for you and your enthusiasm. 

Dominican Republic

When someone mentions this Caribbean country, one would surely imagine glamorous landscapes, warm weather, and low prices. And they wouldn’t be wrong. The Dominican Republic really is all of that. However, there’s a seedier side to it that we’re here to talk about. Right?


The thing that allows the Dominican Republic on this list is the fact that prostitution is legal over there. Yup, you’re free to sell your body and pay for carnal pleasures of all kinds. That makes it one of the most popular destinations for sex trips. And let us tell you that it doesn’t disappoint!


Sosua and Boca Chica are the best places to visit for sex. Also, you should stay at either Hotel Garant or New Garden as they appear to be most suitable for a sexy vacation. You could say that they can connect you with some of the hottest prostitutes that are ready to do all sorts of freaky stuff for a reasonable price.


Although on the other side of the world, Thailand is pretty similar to the Dominican Republic. It is a gorgeous country to visit, full of pretty beaches and historic temples you can see. Of course, the similarities don’t end here. Thailand is another famous sex destination where you can do pretty much all sorts of far-out sex stuff.

Interestingly enough, it has the largest number of sex workers in the world. As such, you should visit the Patpong area. It’s their version of the red-light district. From weird sex cabarets that involve golf balls and birds to straightforward fucking, you’ll be more than welcome to explore the farthest edges of your sexuality.


Prostitution isn’t legal in Thailand. However, it isn’t exactly illegal either. It sounds weird, but they rarely enforce the laws that oversee paying for sex, so you’ll have no problems with finding yourself some action. The lack of law surrounding prostitution is what allows Thailand to be the capital of sex work.


Normies go to Cambodia to see sites like the Temple of Angkor or to learn about its troublesome history. Yet, kinksters visit this Southeastern Asian country for sex with their naturally beautiful women. In recent years, the number of prostitutes has been on the rise. This, of course, closely relates to their tourism industry.


The best places to find some action are surely Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. There, you can easily see women working on the streets, with some of them looking like they’re straight from a porn scene. They also hang out at bars and other seedy places. But don’t worry — it’s safe, and no one’s going to cause you any trouble.

The Netherlands

In case you don’t see other countries as safe as we say they are, you should pick the Netherlands. After all, they’re in Western Europe, which is pretty much a safe bet when it comes to comfort. The Netherlands is a perfect place to check out some history, eat great food, and enjoy lovely scenery with its numerous scenic canals and bridges. But there’s much more to it.

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is one of the most liberal cities in the world. You can smoke marijuana legally and enjoy their rampant sex industry. Yup, their red-light district in the De Wallen area is the place to be if you’re looking for some fun. You can choose from all sorts of girls who are ready to do whatever the two of you agree upon. Another great thing about their girls is that they come from all over the world, so you can find practically any type you long for.


Just like the Netherlands, Spain is in Europe, which makes it another safe place to visit for sex. And when it comes to carnal pleasure, Spain won’t disappoint. It’s one of the most popular sex tourism destinations.

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No matter if you visit Barcelona, Madrid, or Ibiza, you’ll find numerous opportunities to have fun in that kinky way you’re looking for. Las Ramblas is the place to be if you’re in Barcelona. But if you go to the Spanish capital, Madrid, you’ll find prostitutes in Gran Via street.


The same goes for Ibiza, but you won’t need to look any further than the closest bar or club since it’s the party capital of Europe. Moreover, it’s probably your best bet to score since the beaches are full of beautiful women dancing around outdoor bars, waiting for the perfect man to come up to them and have fun.


This one’s a bit tricky. But how so? Isn’t Brazil one of the most loving and fun places to visit? Well, it is, but it has an underlying problem with its high crime rates, and that’s certainly something we shouldn’t avoid when talking about prostitution.


The fact that it’s probably the most colorful country in the world is only supported by the world-famous Rio Carnival. During the Carnival, you’ll be able to see and come in contact with some of the best-looking hookers in the world. With their sexy, busty bodies and world-class curves, you’ll long for sex, unlike any other time.


The places you’ll want to check out during your sex vacation are certainly Vila Mimosa and Copacabana areas. There you’ll find many prostitutes, sex shows, and strip clubs. But don’t forget to check out the sandy beaches with their colorful and vibrant bars and restaurants. You might just score over there too.


Although all the regular tourists visit Manila and Boracay, when it comes to sex trips, you’ll want to go to Olongapo and Angeles City. However, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines. But that won’t stop you from seeing and coming in contact with them on almost every corner. They hang out at bars, massage parlors, and even the streets.


Besides the lovely island in the Philippines, there’s more to the country than sightseeing. The women are all beautiful, slim, and ready to make love for a reasonable price. Hence, if you’re looking for something exotic and safe, we’d suggest that you visit this country in Southeastern Asia. Trust us. You’re going to love what they have to offer, both tourism and sex-wise.

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