Patrimonio Turismo Blog What happens when you wear latex?

What happens when you wear latex?

Fetishism was originally a term from the science of anthropology. The word struck certain cultures where objects were given a natural strength. So it was in the first instance a term that struck on religion. Nowadays, since the beginning of the last century, there is also something like sexual fetishism.

It probably already existed much longer, but the term has only been used in a sexual context since that time. Fetishism is seen as a game, related to sadomasochism. This arose from psychology at that time, where fetishism was part of the various neurotic perversions. It was therefore seen as a disease. Only ten years ago, when the latest DSM, the manual for psychiatrists, came out, fetishism is no longer a disease and has been deleted as a psychiatric disorder. For Wearing latex during BDSM you need to know the following. Vogue, a fashion enthusiast site speaks about wearing latex.

What is sexual fetishism?

Sexual fetishism refers to the sexual pleasure of objects, body parts or clothing. It is also sometimes referred to as “kinky.” Often it is part of a BDSM contact, which is also tied and tormented.

But there are also “pure” fetishists, who for example kick on feet or learn and latex clothing, without a BDSM game.

There are other role plays that play fetishists, such as nurse, mother-baby (with diapers), and authoritarian (uniforms). Kinky clothing has also penetrated the fashion world and the streets, and several designers have used PVC and latex to make clothes out of it. Some nightclubs also organize kinky evenings, where this type of clothing is worn. This is all in the neat; a fetishist will go much further and show much more naked skin or even genitals.

Kinky kludging

Kinky clothing is very popular nowadays. You cannot think of it so crazy and it exists. From uniforms, to latex to rabbit packs. You can wear it with a role play or with a theme party in a couples club.

How and what kind of objects do fetishists use?

There is a wide variety of confused fetishists to play with. One is simply not the other. Usually they have one head fetish, a specific object or game. A well-known fetish is the feet fetish, but people can also kick on shoes, latex, rubber, leather, toys, cat suits, pleather (PVC clothing), diapers and bottles, tights, you cannot think of it so crazy. “Ordinary” people can also eroticize a body part or garment, such as the “titmen” and the “buttocks”.

The fetishist gets excited about smelling, feeling, caressing, cuddling, and licking the body part or object. Whether or not he / she gets a kick of wearing certain clothes or a partner wearing specific clothes.

A whip can also belong to a fetish, even if it goes more towards SM.

What does a rubber fetishist experience? Shelly (program Galileo) is curious and goes along in the world of Kim and John. View the video above.

What are role plays?

Everyone has heard of SM, the sexual role play of Master and slave. But fetishists also have certain exciting plays.

There are many men with a diaper fetish. The partner treats him like a mother, who disguises him, gives bottles and bathes. Another form is the “doctor playing” where often the woman has the role of nurse and is dressed in this way.

School uniforms are also popular, especially when the game is accompanied by spanking. Many of these men are extremely successful and have high positions where they play a leading role. The role play is then a kind of sexual counterbalance and a way to completely relax in a passive role while you carry a lot of responsibility in daily life.

A fetish can also be to play role plays. They may already know them from porn. The naughty student comes to visit the teacher or the policewoman who teaches the crook a lesson. There are of course many of these kinds of role games.

How and where can you experience your fetish?

First of course with your partner, but that is not that simple yet. Many fetishists are ashamed and do not dare to express their preference, even in their relationship.

But it is nothing to be ashamed of; you are certainly not the only one.

Maybe your partner wants to participate, for example if you want to lick her feet that are a whole erotic experience. In kink clubs, kinky parties are organized, where everyone is dressed in the right clothes and where you can meet like-minded people. You can also look on the internet and there are also (amateur) prostitutes who make their specialism.

Fetishists are far more people than you think. If you think that a fetish is when someone is bound in chains and kept in the basement, this is not so. “You think of the extreme, the most extreme part, which is really rare,” said sex therapist Scott Jacoby, an expert on alternative sexual behavior. “The simple and widespread desire to be tied to a bed is also a fetish.”

The preferences of rats shed light on the nature of fetishism.

The preferences of rats shed light on the nature of fetishism.

Fetish does not necessarily mean a passion for wearing adult diapers or feather suits. In fact, it is when something excites you that are not a sexual object. According to Samantha Lee Allen, who studies sexual fetishism at Emory University, such associations are usually laid in childhood. So which sexual inclinations are most common and how do you convince your girlfriend to accept yours?


The results of a survey conducted by the shoe site showed that every fifth woman is more pleased with a new pair of shoes than her lovers. But studs, as an object of sexual arousal, are mostly men’s preferences. “There are so many erotic images with high heels in the culture,” says Allen, “that they became a symbol of female power for men who like female domination.” But in some cases, shoe fetish may indicate a desire to avoid real sexual interaction. “This is a way of indirect fantasy,” says Jacoby.

How to achieve: if a woman turns out to be at the mercy of a woman, ask your friend if you can choose the shoes she will wear on a date and choose the pair that excites you most. Well, when it comes to bed, ask her not to take off her shoes. If your shoes excite you and if your girlfriend is open enough to the new, give her a “presentation” of the benefits of your beloved couple. “It can be safer and easier than, for example, masturbating shoes,” says Justin Styron, a professor of human-sexuality, Justin Styron, with humor. Go Here for collections of different kinds of latex costumes.

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