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How To Choose The Best Sex Toy For Bigger Women

The site “The One” starts a new special topic about sex, where we will touch on the most intimate topics that you have long wanted to know more about, but were embarrassed to ask. The first topic is about sex toys. Let’s find out together which of them really give a woman pleasure and what are best sex toys for plus sized women.

5 facts about the female orgasm that will surprise you

Interesting: sex toys can be divided into 2 types – those that you can use at the same time with a partner and those that men and women can use separately.

Opinion sexologist

The sex toy industry has reached a new level. Over the past few years, everything has changed – from materials, textures, textures that mimic sensations as close as possible to reality, to interactive toys that can be controlled from your smartphone, or from a partner’s smartphone. As we know, already developed sex dolls with artificial intelligence, with which it will be much easier to find a common language than with a living person.

But the overuse of sex toys is an alarming sign. In this case, the need for sensuality from intimacy, the exchange of positive emotions goes to the 10th plane. And this leads to emotional non-maturity, the consequence of this will be the difficulty to start and develop relationships. At the forefront is the simple satisfaction of their base needs, without the cost of extra effort to establish human contact. Pluses in sex toys are a variety of feelings that can decorate sex life, regardless of whether you have a partner or not. Even the process of choosing a new toy can be much more exciting than the purchase itself. Because you will know your loved one even closer, you will know his innermost desires and fantasies. According to Huffpost, there are sex toys that will change your life.

Vaginal balls with vibration

This is a new look at vumbilding – the balls allow you not only to strengthen the vaginal muscles, but at the same time also receive pleasant sensations.

Vaginal balls

The toy consists of two or three vibrating balls interconnected. They are attached to the control panel, which is controlled by the power of vibration. So, the first stages are designed for training, but fast speeds will already help to get an orgasm.

To practice with the balls, you need to be very good in muscles, and understand what to do with them. This will help instruct specialist.

The fastest vibrator

He is considered the champion of female sex toys, which many girls call the “magic wand.” The fact is that he has great power – the speed of vibration reaches 9000 rpm, thanks to which an orgasm can be obtained already in the first seconds of using this unit.

Vibrator suspension

This cute little thing conquers with its concept. This mini-vibrator for clitoris stimulation is very compact and can be worn around the neck as a decoration. It looks like a suspension – metallic, smooth, looks like a pen or a carnation. Very handy thing, since you can use it almost anywhere.

Vibrator “Rabbit”

This type of vibrator gained fame thanks to Charlotte from the TV series “Sex and the City”. The design is designed in such a way that a large trunk fills the vagina while simultaneously massaging it, and a nozzle resembling rabbit ears works with the clitoris.Basically, the nose of my “bunny” is used.

Clitoral vacuum stimulator

This tool is aimed at stimulating the clitoris – the most sensitive point of the female body – the clitoris. The recess on the head must be applied to the clitoris, so that the vacuum provides a pleasant suction.

Want to diversify your sex life, but all poses and unusual places tried? It is possible that you should look into the sex shop and buy a toy for love games. Which one? will help you make your choice by presenting an overview of interesting and popular sex toys.

Want to diversify your sex life, but all poses and unusual places tried? It is possible that you should look into the sex shop and buy a toy for love games. Which one? will help you make the right choice by presenting an overview of interesting and popular sex toys.

Sex toys: what to choose?

Perhaps this is the first thing worth paying attention to those who want to diversify their sex life. And if the erotic costume jewelry will be appropriate in almost any case, then you can’t do without a special suit unless you play role-playing games.

Jewelry for nipples

Mounted directly on the nipples of the woman, either hiding the nipple itself, or emphasizing it. Can be made from anything – leather, latex, satin fabric, transparent chiffon, etc.

Some decorations are attached with a small elastic band, others – with the help of ties. Which option to choose, you decide. Think about what will bring greater pleasure to your man: a quick rid of nipple jewelry or a slow unleashing of teeth;

Necklace and decoration on the waist

It is a necklace-chain and a thin belt-chain around the waist, connected to each other. Such a decoration your man will not be able to recognize you before you undress, and it can excite very much.Especially if your man likes everything connected with the East – for some reason, many people associate such decorations with him.

Intimate wig

Basically, these wigs are made to order, although they can be found in large sex shops. They are mounted on the pubis with the help of special glue, which is not afraid of even the hottest caress.A wig can be in the form of a bunny, a heart, stars, etc. It is impossible to say for sure whether your man will like it, but why not experiment?

Anal Jewelry

Appeared recently. The end of this decoration is inserted directly into the anus, and “on the surface” remains either a cute tail or a sparkling pebble-stone.Undoubtedly, this decoration will not please everyone. However, lovers of role-playing and anal sex should take a closer look at this sextoy.

Erotic costumes

It makes no sense to describe them for a long time. If you like role-playing games, then you just cannot do without an erotic costume. Who do you want to be this night: a nurse, an angel, a strict lady-boss? Choose you!

Condoms, tips and rings on the penis

It should only be noted that in the modern world the condom has ceased to be only a means for protection against sexually transmitted diseases and protection from unwanted pregnancy.Glowing condoms, condoms with ribs and pimples, with mustaches, with G point stimulants can become a real sex toy and make a touch of novelty in familiar sex.Nozzles and penis rings are a real salvation for men who do not have a thick or long penis.

However, these sex toys do not only add length or thickness to the partner. The ribbed surface helps the partner to experience a wider range of sensations and a brighter orgasm. There are also tips on the member to stimulate the clitoris!

The indisputable plus of the rings and penis tips is also that they make a member of the partner less sensitive, and therefore with such sex toys it will be easier for him to bring you to orgasm.

Sex shops offer their customers and means of additional stimulation of the most sensitive female areas. G point stimulators are unusual in shape and equipped with a vibrator. Stimulators for the clitoris are also equipped with a vibrator and are mounted on the clitoris using special straps or suction cups. Go Here for more sex toys.

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