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Do Yoni Eggs Help with Pregnancy?

Besides their harmonious, rounded shapes, they were feminine. Not that femininity brought by bracelets and earrings or the length of hair, but something that sprang from within.

Healthy, non-exciting, aggressive and provocative sensuality, something mysterious and playful, power and inner balance, a body intelligence that manifests freely and stately, confident in itself. A body fully absorbed by that energetic feminine energy. No trace of a child, teen or male in it.

In me there are traces of the baby I was. Worse than that, she even appears on the surface in some relationships. There are also traces of masculinity, which I seek to fade and erase. I know women who masked almost completely both physically and behaviorally – I do not want that for myself.

There are many benefits of jade yoni eggs practices of femininity that bring to the surface the feminine essence. To make love in love and mutual appreciation, to show every day feminine qualities such as acceptance, gentleness, care, cultivation of beauty and good, dancing, spending time in your own tribe (circle) of women, exercises like this or exercises with the egg jade. Reuters even provides efficiency of kegel exercise in pregnancy.

In the interview we gave the Georgian last day, I told about the perception of my own body. I said it was shredded, not exaggerated. Well, I found out that many women cannot just feel the jade egg, but with time, practicing, the perception is refined and the answers come. We become more conscious of our body, of what communicates to us. Go Here to purchase your own yoni eggs.

As a parenthesis today I was at an event where I met famous faces. Before I go hand in hand with a woman from there, my body responded with small “bleeds”, unpleasant contractions. I did not have any conflict with her, I like her, but that does not go away – she does not like me, even if she gives me a hand and smiles at greetings. I would not have known that if I did not get this information from my body a few seconds before contact with my hands. I wanted to check it then, trying to talk with her and immediately there appeared even more obvious signs – small grimaces, facial microexpression, cold in attitude, etc. Body language is learned over time, through exercise, but communication with the body is totally different: it requires presence and a refined perception.

Are you wondering how to do it, if it works and what’s good? Haisa we talk about girls about Kegel exercises.

Show me how you make that trick, the one that makes mescream , they sing The Cure in their brilliant hit “Just LikeHeaven”, guiding us with the thought of a secret recipe that can bother any man. Well, it really exists and it is as easy as it can be explained and applicable.

Gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1894-1981) began studying the pelvic floor mushrooms and ways to tone them long before the sexual form of women was at least indisposed. Kegel has designed a set of simple exercises to reassemble muscles for medical reasons:

  • Natural births lighter
  • Fast post-natal recovery
  • Prevention of genital prolapsed
  • Treating urinary incontinence

In addition, Kegel exercises have proven to be not only health-friendly but also beneficial to sex life in the most “delicious” ways you can imagine!

How does it work?

Kegel exercises focus on pubiccussian muscles (PCs), those who control the flow of urine and contract during orgasm. The PC muscles compose the pelvic floor, which supports the organs just like a hammock. The “training” of these muscles is recommended during pregnancy, but it can be started at any time and benefits you all.

If the muscles in the pelvic area are toned, the contractions during the orgasm will be stronger and the sensations more intense. At the same time, you will be able to offer unmet pleasures to your partner. During penetration, embed your vagina and keep your loved taupen “captive” for a few seconds, then release it. This quirk of the senses and the heat that “wraps” around him will lead to.

How Do Kegel Exercises Work?

Discover your pelvic muscles: The next time you go to the toilet, stop the urine flow for a few seconds, then “gently” tighten it a few times. Try not to breathe: let the air move freely and concentrate on the contractions of the vagina and the rectum.

Caution: contraction of the pelvic muscles during urination or when you have a full bladder leads in time to their weakening. This practice is OK only until you get used to your muscles. Then it is recommended that you do the exercises with the empty blister.

Another way to start “training” Kegel is to insert a finger into the vagina and shrink your muscles in the approach. You should feel the vagina tighten around your toe and the pelvic floor rises easily.

Then relax your muscles and you will feel the floor lowering the initial position. As you become accustomed to simplicity, you become more and more aware of this.

How do you know that you do it correctly?

 If you feel like your PC muscles are plugged in by strangling your urethra, you are on the right track. If the stomach, thighs or muscles are tense, you have to practice. Do not ask for gynecologist guidance. By medical means, the correctness of Kegel exercises can be verified using a biofeedback device.

Where, how and how often?

Anytime and anywhere! At home, in the car, when you watch TV or even in the office no one can figure out.

  • A series of Kegel exercises lasts about a minute
  • You can lie stretched, sitting, standing or kneeling
  • It’s ideal to make two to three series a day, combining more muscle training

Types of Kegel exercises

The basic movement: hold your pelvic muscles for three seconds, and then let them relax for three hours. Repeat the movement 10-15 times

Contractions: Thoroughly tighten your pelvic muscles ten times

Fast pulse: pulls and relaxes your PC muscles in a pulsating motion. At first, focus on the precision of the pulses only the pelvic muscles are trained), and you will gain speed over time. It starts with 25-30 depressions

Impression: Imagine you’re forcing your saurines and pushing the vaginal air outward with the help of your PC hips. Combine five impulses with ten and ten short contractions, in which order you prefer.

 Lift: Imagine that your vagina is the elevator, and the elevator is right at its opening. Strange light while you are aware of the slow climb of the elevator, a small drop when it comes to the end and then lowering to the initial position. Repeat the motion ten times.

As you get the experience, your moves will make you feel lighter and you can make 40-50 repetitions of any kind of exercise. You should feel the first results after 8-12 weeks and your boyfriend will feel them after the first unexpected “crunching” in a moment of passion!

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